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Waves of Healing


Holistic just means this technique takes the whole person into consideration, realizing there is a connection between mind, body, and spirit (energy force). 

The energy part of the human body is well documented. As far back as 1665, Dutch physicist and scientist, Christian Huygens discovered the entrainment principle. The entrainment principle states that two oscillating bodies will lock into sync, so they vibrate in harmony. English, please? An example would be falling leaves being blown along with the speed of the wind or sticks that float in harmony with a river’s current. That kind of biological force exists across all psychological, sociological, and spiritual levels. In other words, it applies to humans too.


In 1908, brainwave frequencies were discovered by Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Hans Berger. Dr. Berger in 1920, developed the Electroencephalogram (EEG). An EEG measures the electrical impulses of brain waves. Since then, science has discovered each type of brain wave (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) is associated with emotions. Scientists too have the ability to measure the human electrical field of the heart. So, our bodies create energy and quantum physics suggests we are energy!

In summary, the techniques I use can help in your healing journey physically, mentally, or emotionally and works well with other traditional medical professional techniques or alternative healing therapies. I want to reassure you, it’s not scary, spiritistic, and I am not an alien from another planet. To learn more about the techniques I use, click on the Services tab

Thank you for visiting my page and may Waves of Healing carry you to the very best version of yourself!

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