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Waves of Healing


"Thank you Diana for helping me with my thyroid issue.  Your ability to relate to and assist with removing emotions has made a tremendous impact on my overall well-being.  Also, during my time with Covid, you were there daily assisting with not only emotional release but supplement adjustments as well.  Your kindness and caring attitude towards my issues have made a world of difference.

– Jeff F.

"So for the past year and a half, I have not been able to sleep due to antepartum and postpartum depression. I had to take a double dose of magnesium in order to sleep. Within one week of my most recent session with Diana, I now sleep all on my own without any magnesium needed at all! Amazingly, I actually feel rested! It is a huge relief! But the most surprising and powerful result of all is that I now dream again. I went through a year and a half of exhausting sleep cycles where I would wake up exhausted and the sleep I did get was me blacked out. But after my session with Diana, I now have about two vivid dreams a night for the first time in a year and a half. During the day, my mind feels clearer and I’m able to take charge of my thinking patterns whereas before, my brain was either really foggy to the point I couldn’t think through it or it was trapped in a terrible anxiety loop. Thank you SO, SO, SO much, Diana, for your work and for sharing the Feelings book with me. Going through those symptoms was my most powerful session yet in terms of results. It changed my life. Diana has made a huge, desperately needed difference in the course of my life and I appreciate her more than words can say." 

– Annette S.

“I am always amazed at how Diana is able to “nail” core emotions during my emotional release sessions. After my first emotional release session, I felt lighter. I noticed my head was high and I felt a sense of relief and well-being. I continue to return, and it has helped me get through some incredibly tough times. Most recently, the death of my brother. Thank you Diana for your genuine care, concern, and expertise!”

– Ronda B.



“I can’t say enough great things about Diana and her Emotional Release treatments. It’s amazing how many different ways stuck emotions have been hindering my health: guilt, shame, self-sabotaging habits, body aches, and unhealthy thought patterns. Since working with the amazing Diana, I have uncovered and healed so many emotional wounds and am now feeling much lighter, more positive, more joy-filled, more hopeful, and have healthier relationships with my family. Diana knows her stuff and is passionate about increasing the quality of life for others. I am so grateful!"

- Amy T.



“I went to Diana for the first time skeptical but desperate for help. I had been suffering from severe antepartum and postpartum depression. About a week after my first session, I noticed that for the first time in over a year I felt at peace and happy. I had tried supplements, lifestyle change, therapy, and none of it helped as much as Diana did for me. Please help yourself and come here!”

– Annette S.



“I had noticed I had shortness of breath for years. Whenever anyone led deep breathing exercises mine were always so tight. After a session with Diana I was instantly able to breathe more freely and for the first time felt as though my lungs had expanded. Amazing!"

– Annette S.


“Diana is the real deal! I didn't know what an Emotional Release practitioner actually meant, but I soon found out. She helped me through some tough emotional situations after both of my parents passed away in the same year.  I have felt so much happier and healthier since going to see her." 

– Linda W.


“When I first came to see Diana I was loaded with trapped emotions. Listening to her helped me to understand what is going on inside me. I have learned that so much physical disease begins with our emotions. She recently taught me the EFT tapping technique. This has been wonderful in taking control of my emotional health myself and giving voice to the physical and emotional issues I'm dealing with each day. So empowering!”

– Sharon N.


“Emotional release helps me with my many health challenges.  Diana tests my organs and different parts of my body to see if they are performing at 100% and, if not, by using Emotional Release they are by the end of the session.  Diana checks to see if there are any negative emotions blocking my healing and removes those, as well as toxins and pathogens.  A major accomplishment Emotional Release does for me is to realign any vertebrae that are out of alignment.  I am grateful to have Diana and Emotional Release to help keep me on the road to healing.”

– Kay P.


“It is impossible to fully articulate the profound impact Diana has had on my life. Emotional release has helped me uncover and process loss and past trauma. And, Diana’s compassionate and kind care instantly calms me.”

– Alice F.


The  Emotional Release technique, in my experience, is one of the most remarkably simple, yet intensely powerful and effective modalities for releasing one's emotional traumas and "baggage," for a  healthier, more peaceful, joyful, and loving life! I am blown away each and every session! It simply just deserves to be EXPERIENCED! With each and every session I leave feeling lighter and freer to live and love life, myself, and those in my life in a most authentic and joyful way! I am so grateful to have come across this incredible breakthrough method! Diana Stefanik is an intuitive, gifted, and skilled practitioner in this method, and is truly a gift!  

– Anita S.

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