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Waves of Healing



Ronda Barney, LCSW, RD

Ronda Barney is a Licensed Therapist and a Registered Dietitian. Her specialties include helping clients who are struggling with stress and anxiety, relationship issues, motivation, self-esteem, depression, major life change, physical illness and disabilities, caregiving, codependency, complex trauma, narcissism, family of origin issues, guilt and shame, and women's issues. 

She also offers nutrition consults and will tailor your treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. 

Ronda believes in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. She can be reached at (945) 223-8213. Call for an appointment today!


Anne Olivier, LMT, Polarity Practitioner

Anne began her journey into natural medicine in the late 70s while looking for help for her mother. She began studying herbal medicine and finding other alternatives, then started her own healing journey through therapy by the early 90s. She was not only experiencing physical pain and illnesses but also depression and anxiety that seemed to miraculously clear up as she healed her emotional body. From that point forward, she never looked back and knew what she wanted to do. She enrolled at The Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, CO, and began doing Polarity Therapy, body work, and Bodymind. She has a passion for helping people heal themselves and enabling them to have the life they want. Anne is grateful that her own healing process is able to inspire her work.

She is a Dallas, TX native and finds joy in reading, cooking, painting, creating, gardening, being in nature, meditating, learning, being with friends, and spending time with her two sons.

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